Slocomb police are writing citations for good deeds

Published 07/07 2014 05:03PM

Updated 07/07 2014 07:30PM

When most people see blue and red lights flashing they panic. Traffic violations written by law enforcement usually come at a hefty price, but the Slocomb Police Department is changing that.

"We are out in the community on patrol or just where ever the calls may be. If we see a young man or woman boy or child doing something good or productive out in the community we like to stop and let them know we caught them doing something good. And once we catch them doing something good we issue them a citation,” said Police Chief Don White.

It's called The Good Deed Project and was implemented about a month ago.

The citations are certificates for free donuts, a free ice cream cone and even a free pizza, but the children’s reaction is what’s priceless.

"I was in there sitting down chilling, and he came in there, and handed us the thing and told us we're doing good work and stuff like that, and all three of us were just surprised like wow,” said Anthony Dubose, a Good Deed Project recipient.

These good deeds range from holding the door open for someone to carrying out groceries.

James Barton said he was just mowing the lawn like his parents asked him to.

"I went inside and got a drink, and he pulled up and he wanted to see me. He brought me out here and took my picture and gave me a gift card and I was really excited,” said 11 year old Barton.

Chief White said today parents criticize their children too quickly for doing something bad. His idea behind this was to remind kids that a good deed doesn't go unnoticed.

"We need to spread more good cheer in the world and let these young men and women know that hey when you do something good it is rewarded and it does not go unnoticed and the more we can spread the good cheer and the positive things the more apt they are to become a habit and do more positive things," said White.

Chief White said he would like to see other agencies in the county jump on board with The Good Deed Project. He says he'll continue to do this every summer as long as he is police chief.

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