Schedule change for Northview High School

Published 08/06 2014 04:09PM

Updated 08/06 2014 08:44PM

In the past Northview High School students have gone to seven different classes each day for the whole school week, but this year they’re changing things up.

The school is going to a modified schedule which will allow them to use the block system two days a week.

"During the five day school week three days are seven period days, 50 minute classes and Wednesday and Thursday is block class of 95 minutes,” said Principal Chris Shaw. “What we do on our seven period day is half on Wednesday 95 minutes and the other half on Thursday will meet for 95 minutes."

So, on Wednesday the even periods will have longer classes and on Thursday it will be the odd periods. Principal Shaw said this gives teachers more time to do longer activities.

"Some of those teachers who teach 50 minutes on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday you feel like 'On your mark get set go'. Where on Wednesday and Thursday I can slow down, people can ask questions, people can do projects and quizzes and we can activities, so it gives you the best of both worlds,” Shaw said.

One of the main goals in doing this is getting the students ready for their future. Principal Shaw said this gives them a options they're not normally use to.

"One of the things in our strategic plan is to prepare our students once they leave high school to be successful in college,” said Shaw. “I think this environment gives them a little taste of what the college life will be like."

Northview High School is the only school in Dothan city using this system, but if everything goes according to plan that may change.

"If we're very successful here I do see it possibly catching on not only in Dothan but possibly at schools in the wiregrass,” Shaw said.

Principal Shaw said he did the exact same modified schedule at his old job, which was a blue ribbon school. He said that’s one of Northview’s goals this year - to become part of the high level program.

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