Robinson still in the race for Houston County Sheriff

Published 06/05 2014 07:55PM

Updated 06/05 2014 08:57PM

Kenneth Robinson was denied access to the ballot, because he says he didn't have the signatures required to run as an independent.

Actually, Robinson said he had the signatures, but they were not all registered voters.

Therefore, he will not be put on the November general election ballot.

Instead, Robinson will try to oust incumbent Sheriff Andy Hughes as a write-in candidate.

"Everything is still the same.  We're still in the race, and we're still positive about this outcome.  That's basically how it happened, but we're still excited about it, so what we're going back to do, is to take those names of those people that are not registered and register those folks," said Robinson.

It is highly unusual for a candidate to win as a write-in candidate, but it has happened. 

The late Strom Thurmond was elected U.S. Senator from South Carolina in 1954 as a write-in candidate.

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