Questions answered about Dothan City Schools' iPad initiative

Published 06/12 2014 12:14AM

Updated 06/12 2014 11:49AM

Parents learned more about the plan to give students that attend Dothan City Schools iPads. The iConnect Initiative will provide iPad Minis and iPad Airs to students in grades four through twelve this fall.

“Not every student or parent is aware of what the rollout is going to encompass, so we want to make sure that the community is aware of what the process is going to be,” said Dothan Education Foundation President Tami Culver.

The forum gave parents an idea of what they can expect this fall when their student brings home an iPad. After the presentation parents were given the floor to ask questions. Many were concerned with security measures, while others wanted to know how much it would cost for their child.

Parents will have to pay $30 a year for a student to have an iPad unless it is damaged. Students' activities will be heavily monitored through filters to block inappropriate content. They also won’t be allowed to download blacklisted apps like Facebook, Snapchat, and many others. The purpose of the iPads in the classroom is to provide students with another tool to learn and use for doing work.

Dothan Education Foundation President Tami Culver said, “This is just a tool. Not everything is going to go to the iPad. This is just an additional tool to help them learn. They’ll be able to do things like dissect a rat or use a thesaurus. It’s just going to change the face of what’s happening in the classroom.”

When the new school year begins more than 6,000 iPads will be given out. Before they are issued to students parents and their children will go through iConnect Orientation to teach them about the device. This is one of the largest one to one iPad initiatives in the state of Alabama. The next meeting for parents to learn about the iPad Initiative will be July 8 at 10 am in the Dothan Opera House.

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