Prom goers: presentation prompts safe driving

Published 04/10 2014 05:33PM

Updated 04/10 2014 07:46PM

Members of the community joined in to send a serious message to Rehobeth High School students before their prom Friday.

"If they chose to drink and drive or if they chose to get in a vehicle with someone who has been drinking or using drugs and driving this could be the reality they face,” said Beth Ford with The Prevention Project. “So what they'll be seeing is what happens when a drunk driver causes an accident. We will have fire police rescue and even the coroner’s office will come on and help assist. And show them that that if they make the choice to put themselves in the situation this could be the reality."

Over 200 students gathered outside of the school to watch the re-enactment.

Fire fighters, paramedics and a coroner volunteered their time to show students what could quickly become a reality.

One of the participants, Catherine Gardino, said this is a good message to send to students before prom.

"I think it’s definitely important for them to see. Because so many people don’t think it’s a big deal they think it won’t happen to them is kind of the quote they use. I think it is important to show them that it can happen and that to never put yourself in a position to hurt someone else or yourself," said Gardino.

Although the scene was fake many students say it felt real to watch.

Some said seeing the presentation has changed their mind about a few things.

"It made me actually think about to not drink. I probably won’t even drink after that because it really scared me and I’m not trying to have no accident or nothing because I want to come to school Monday," said Jarius Stuckey.

"I'm not going to drink when I go to prom because I want to get home safe,” said Rachel Jordan. “I want to have a good time the rest of the weekend - I don’t want to have to end my life Friday or be in the hospital the rest of the week."

Ford said with every school they have presented Prom Promise to there has never been a student to get arrested for drinking and driving.

She said she believes part of the reason is because they see what could happen if they did.

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