Pollen has infested the Wiregrass

Published 03/25 2014 06:11PM

Updated 03/25 2014 08:12PM

High pollen season is here and most of us hate it – most, but not all. Cars and trucks are waiting for well over an hour to get washed.

Stephen Thomas, with United Car Wash, said customers aren’t too happy with the large amounts of pollen on their cars.

“They definitely hate it, but they bad thing is when they come in, before they leave it's pretty much back on the car it's that bad right now,” said Thomas."They just to come once or twice a month - but now it’s been two, three times a week"

And if you don't like it on your car you definitely don’t like it on your body.

Dr. Michael Ramsey said sneezing, coughing and watery eyes are symptoms of a pollen allergen.

"If you know for sure that you're allergic to a specific type of tree like an oak tree - if you have one of those in your yard, your yard you can be exposed up to ten times as much pollen if it's in your yard as opposed to one that's down the street,” said Ramsey. “So if you have a child or someone in your house that's very allergic you may want to consider pruning that back or even removing the tree you have a lot of allergy to."

The best medicine for pollen is not to go outside, but that's not advice that most of us would follow. There are some over the counter medications that help battle allergies. But the best cure would be a hefty dose of good old rain to wash all that unwanted pollen away.

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