Out of pocket expenses for teachers

Published 08/05 2014 06:17PM

Updated 08/05 2014 09:13PM

Most would agree it takes a special person to teach children. Angie Morgan is one of those people, she’s a kindergarten teacher at A.M. Windham Elementary in Daleville.

Her students have been enjoying summer vacation while she’s been working hard getting her classroom prepared.

"I think of when I was in kindergarten and the room I had was not fun, it was not spirited it was not pretty, it was just oh were going to kindergarten,” said Angie Morgan. “I want my children when they walk through the door to be happy and pleased to be here and feel welcome."

This year Mrs. Morgan has a Dr. Suess themed room and aside from the hard work she has put into decorating it’s also costing her a pretty penny.

"Over a thousand dollars, I would say just for supplies, extra things you need in the room, like things you wouldn't think of,” said Morgan.

Each Daleville city teacher is allowed $300 for instructional supplies and they also receive a tax write for $250, but as most teachers would agree that’s not nearly enough.

"I pay for those simply because I don't want my children to be heartbroken,” Morgan said. “I want them to be happy and want to come to school and I don't want financial woes to affect them, they're only five."

So this year Windham Elementary is trying something new to help teachers with the extra costs. They’re using crowd funding websites like Donors Choose and Go Fund Me.

"It’s a rather new outlet, but a way we're finding we can supplement and do things we don't have the money for right now,” said Windham Principal Chris Mitten.

These websites allow the public to go and donate money towards different school projects. Once the money has been submitted the teachers will receive a check and hopefully it'll help save them some money from their pockets.

To donate you can visit Donors Choose, type in the zip code and select a project you would like to help fund.

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