Mothers for safer birth practices

Published 09/01 2014 04:21PM

Updated 09/01 2014 08:40PM

The third annual rally to improve birth was held this morning. A group of mothers and supporters gathered for the cause with signs and and a purpose.

They are a part of the I-Can International Cesarean Awareness Network and they want safer birth practices and less unnecessary procedures on both mothers and babies.

"We want to draw attention. Overall, this society is not aware that these are isolated events, when they happen to them," said Amanda Martin, the rally coordinator. "We want to say mothers you are not alone, this is happening everyday and we want it to stop."

Martin says that Alabama has the sixth highest Cesarean rate in the country and that two Dothan hospitals have an even higher rate, at almost 40%.

The organization stresses that no mother should feel pressured into any particular method of birth.

"You should know your options and really, you know, whatever anyone tells you, even a doctor, educate yourself and know what options you have," said supporter Rachael Johns. "And don't be afraid to go for what you want in  your birth."

Johns feels a personal connection to this cause. After she had a home birth she went to the hospital to have her baby and herself checked. But she didn't feel as if she was treated with respect.

"At the hospital I did feel like you know I was kind of bullied, especially because I came in from having a home birth I was treated...I felt like we received kind of poor treatment and that our choices weren't necessarily respected," Johns said.

But by participating in this rally she feels like her voice can be heard and other mothers can see they are not alone.

"It's empowering and I hope it is for other women even who aren't out here to see us out here supporting them," she said.

By rallying they ask that mothers be treated with dignity and common humanity.

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