More bicycle lanes coming to Dothan

Published 06/20 2014 05:16PM

Updated 06/20 2014 06:16PM

Bike lane on John D. Odom Drive
Bike lane on John D. Odom Drive
Cyclists are traveling the streets of Dothan now more than ever, and the city is embracing the new trend.

"We know that from literature that if you provide a way for cyclists to get around that is more safe and convenient for them, you’ll see more people. That’s one of our problems in the city is folks are reluctant to get out on a bicycle for commuting purposes because there are some safety issues with the main drags" said City Planner Todd McDonald.

The city has 18 miles worth of ‘share the road signs' and they've made lanes specifically for cyclists. So as the roadways improve we can expect to see bikers out a lot more.

"Dothan is a very recreation orientated city and people like to have recreational opportunities. So what we did is use this opportunity to connect those dots. Obviously the trails at West Gate are very popular we wanted to try to make that more inclusive in other areas of the city as well," said Mcdonald.

The city has a 20 year plan to develop more  locations for bike ways and some off road trails, but there are still some safety issues the city wants you to be mindful of.

"Be aware of what’s going on with each other and it's like any other situation you know people have to that are driving automobiles today with all the texting and phones and everything else going on they have to keep their eye and mind out and be aware just like motorcycles and other forms of transportation." Said Charles Metzger, Assistant Public Works Director.

Last year there were only three collisions involving bicycles and the city hopes to see that number decrease as people become more aware of the riders.

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