Military students supported through high school program

Published 04/25 2014 06:28PM

Updated 04/25 2014 07:37PM

Military families face many challenges when moving from city to city, and it also takes a toll on military students, when they are forced to change schools.

But Daleville High School’s Student2Student (S2S) program is helping those students.

It’s a student-led organization and part of the Military Child Education Coalition.
The goal is to make sure new students fit in and feel welcome.

"I was scared to come here, and so, when I was part of Student2Student, when they were all bringing me in, I want everyone else to feel that way when they come in,” said Student2Student member Rachael Parks.

They say it's all about 100% acceptance, providing the support transitioning students need.

"Kids have a problem with courage, trying to step out and talking to people they don't know, whether they're the one to move in or not,” Jakob Van Landingham, another S2S member said.  “If you see someone else doing it, someone else breaking that ice, it's so much easier to come up and talk and just make a new friend."

"We've all had that feeling of being alone, and it's not comfortable, you don't like it, and you really need someone there to just break through that shell, and start making friends start building a new foundation for yourself,” said S2S member Hani Razabi.

S2S also provides after-school tutoring. Playing a role in helping the new students graduate on time.

Organizers say you can't put a price on putting time in with kids.

"We have made that opportunity for those kids, so that when they leave, they feel like they're leaving a school that was home to them," said Guidance Counselor Margie Treadwell.

Each year, 22 kids are selected to join the program.  Kids who are already members of the team are usually re-selected.
"It's not always the most motivated, academic student, the one that has the straight A's or something like that.  It's students from all walks, just that good old average kid.”

And they hope to leave a legacy for future S2S members, passing on that tradition of support and acceptance.

There are more than 350 S2S programs worldwide.

And the Daleville High School program has received national recognition.

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