Love bugs aren't so lovely

Published 05/22 2014 06:02PM

Updated 05/22 2014 08:19PM

They may be called love bugs, but they're not that lovely. These insects come in pairs and swarm your vehicle.

"It seems like they're in full effect now, the love bugs,” said Stephen Thomas with United Car Wash. “Here this past week it seems like they've been coming out pretty bad, but they're definitely here."

The blood in their system is acidic, so it'll tear the paint off your car.

"If they're left on there for any length of time the acid in the bug will etch itself into the paint. And if it does that the only thing you can have done is to repaint the hood or where ever it's at," said David Mcgriff with Ken’s Pro Colours.

We're told it can cost up to 800 dollars in a paint repair job, so the best thing to do is get the bugs off as soon as possible.

There are types of solutions to use on your car to get rid of the bugs. The different sprays attack the acid in the bugs and make it easier for them to be wiped off. You can find the sprays at auto shops. There are also films and nets to place on your car to prevent the bugs from attaching on.

If you leave the bugs on your car for more than three days you may find it difficult to get them off.

"It’s annoying, aggravating. Constantly have to wipe the windshields and can't see half of the time. It's just aggravating,” said truck driver Rontavous Brown.

We're told love bugs are attracted more to white cars than any other colored vehicle.

There is a local love bug cleaning solution you can buy from Son Co Inc. The solution has been modified and won't harm your car but it will still take the bugs right off.

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