Local Craigslist post goes viral

Published 07/02 2014 05:35PM

Updated 07/02 2014 08:51PM

Bo Murphy owns All-Star lawn and landscaping and after taking a trip to Home Depot he came out to realize a piece of his equipment was missing.

A leaf blower, costing about $350, had been taken from his trailer. Without doubt, he was a little irate about what had happened, but he was more upset about why somebody would do something like this.

"I decided to go to craigslist because I thought I know a lot of people in the wiregrass area are on craigslist every day. I just wanted to -- I didn't even know what I was going to say. I just sat down at the computer and started typing and that's what came out," said Murphy.

What he typed was lots of details about how Bo cuts grass to support his family.  A family that will grow to six with the arrival of new baby in the next few months.

Bo also talked about his faith and belief in Jesus Christ, saying if you believe in the Bible you should live by it.

Murphy went on to say 'I forgive you for causing me pain, aggravation and a 350 dollar back power blower. I pray that by some miracle you see this post, and that it changes your life.'

It is Bo's beliefs that has drawn praise from those who read his post.

"It's just a different message - I mean there is so much hatred and angriness and bitterness in the world and to hear something that is that refreshing and different, I think it caught people by surprise,” said Murphy. “I think by the title a lot of people weren't in there looking to hear an angry rant and when - by the end of the story it was different. It was refreshing to them.”

Bo Murphy said he's feels blessed with all the positive feedback from his message, not that he’s looking for the attention.

What he's looking for is to understand why somebody would steal from his small business.

But Bo also knows if he can help turn that person's life around it will very well be worth the price of yard equipment.

"It’s definitely better to forgive and let the bad things that happen to you go,” said Murphy.

Bo has recently started a new church, Family Covenant Church, and he says if you need anyone to pray for you or you’d like to talk you can call him at 33-750-8247.

Here is the Craigslist post.

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