Investigation on death of five dogs

Published 05/21 2014 05:59PM

Updated 05/21 2014 08:30PM

Dothan police are investigating the death of five dogs left unattended in a car.

It happened Tuesday night in the parking lot of the Southside Wal-Mart.

Investigators are looking at how five dogs died in the car even though temperatures weren't all that high.

We're told the woman who left the dogs while she went shopping has a bizarre story.

Claiming she left the air conditioning on and one of the dogs bumped a control turning the heater on.

Police won't confirm that story but that do say an investigation into the animal deaths has been launched.

"I can't understand that someone would even do anything like that,” said Judy Broten. “I mean we all know you don't leave them in the car like that at anytime, but to purposely leave them there for that long, breaks my heart."

Four of the dogs were dead in the car and the other died after being taken to a vet.

The deaths leaving some people stunned.

"Animals are your children and if you do not take responsibility for them you should not have them, because you chose to have animals," said Barbara Harrison.

We don't know how long the dogs were in the car.  We're told that some customers may have broken out a window trying to save them. If they did, it was too late.

"Sometimes people get stuck between a rock in a hard place because there are some establishments that you can't take pets into, but with the weather like it is today you should be considerate," said Wilbert Strozier.

But was it hot enough to kill during the evening yesterday? That may depend on how long the dogs were left and that's not an answer we have, but one that police are searching for.

We checked on some information and best we can tell if it’s 80 degrees outside a car the inside can heat to 115 degrees.

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