How to stay out of trouble when using fireworks on the Fourth

Published 06/30 2014 05:27PM

Updated 06/30 2014 07:56PM

Fireworks sales are suppose to sky rocket this Fourth of July. Last year Dothan had a rainy Fourth and the year before there was a drought and a no burn policy. So, store owners are saying this should be a good year.

"We hope this will be a real good time. It’s also a good time where fourth of July is on a Friday and it's sort of a long weekend and that helps so they can do some on Thursday night and then they'll do some Friday night and then they'll do some over the weekend," said Jack Collier, co-owner of Merrit’s Fireworks.

Before you buy the fireworks you should know where they're legal to shoot off and one place you'll want to stay out of is the city limits of Dothan.

“Inside the city limits if you are caught you can be fined and possibly jailed, the amount is something the judge will set, but there is a consequence to those actions, so we suggest that you don't do it. There are so many other things that can come out you can shot a sky rocket into a tree which can cause a fire and it can put a lot of homes and cause a lot of inconvenience to other people," said Sergeant Maurice Eggleston with the Dothan Police Department.

Egglestone says the fourth of July is like any work day, the police department will receive lots of calls about fireworks. But he suggests you go to a place where it is legal to avoid any trouble.

"Go to a place where it is basically being allowed. If there is parks outside the city limits that are having functions that allow you to be able to fire off fireworks get your stuff take it there take the family, pull out a blanket and a picnic basket and sit there and watch the show,” said Egglestone.

If you don’t want to shoot off fireworks yourself you can always go to Ft. Rucker on July 3rd to see their show.

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