High-tech camera system for Houston County Schools

Published 05/01 2014 05:19PM

Updated 05/01 2014 07:45PM

The Houston County School Board plans to test out a new camera system for their buses.

Currently the buses use a system known as AngelTrak, but the new cameras would provide more features.

If board members agree, GPS4hire would be installed in almost 90 buses.

Before there are any decisions made Bob Blalock, the Technology Coordinator for Houston County Schools, said a trail run is being held for the next two weeks.

"So it gives us the capability doing a test like this to be able to physically see for sure that it does work in our area and it does what they say it’ll do."

Nobody would argue new camera systems are needed, because there are still 25 buses using an antiquated VHS tape system.

In contrast GPS4Hire has high quality video and many other high tech features.

"The GPS tracking gives us the capability to track the bus where ever it goes and whenever it makes a stop,” said Blalock. “It also records the speeds and things of that nature and gives us the capability to create a map of where the bus has been so we could actually map out the bus routes with that software without having to have an additional piece of software.

GPS4Hire will cost around 40 dollars a month for each bus to maintain.

After the two week trial the committee will meet and compare the quality of each system. They will then make a decision on whether or not to upgrade to that system.

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