Handcuffed men, Glasgow react to Stokes' arrest

Published 06/18 2014 06:40PM

Updated 06/18 2014 08:48PM

Rickey Stokes admits he chained Johnathan Reese and Gregory Tiller to the door.

He said he did so to get the attention of what he terms an ineffective city court system.

But Tiller and Reese have another version of the story.

"We didn't matter.  As long as he got his point across, that's the only thing that mattered to him.  So, I feel like, you know, he should pay for that, you know, I feel like something should happen for the fact of him not caring that we have human life too, that we matter just as much as he does," Tiller said.

They say Rickey Stokes chained them to the door to prove a point, and it’s a point they say, justified his arrest.

"It hurt me, because I see more people walking through looking at me chained up to a door, and him, and the other two guys, sitting with smiles on their faces,” said Reese.

Stokes accuses Pastor Kenneth Glasgow of fueling the fire by turning the matter into a racial issue.

But Glasgow says Stokes is the reason he was contacted by the two men.

"We want to thank Rickey Stokes for attacking me, because, because of him attacking me, it made these two young gentlemen say this must be the best man for the job if he's attacking that man, and that man hasn't even said anything and we don't even know that guy," Glasgow said.

Glasgow also responded to Stokes’ reference to him a racist.

"Rickey Stokes keeps making himself the victim and keeps putting race into it.  It's not about racism, it's about righteousness," said Glasgow.

Glasgow also shared his reaction to the arrest.

"To my surprise, I must admit, and to the surprise of many others, in our sector of Dothan, Alabama, the City of Dothan really looked at this in a criminal way, and they had seen some criminal activity that had taken place,” Glasgow said.

Glasgow and the two men say they plan to seek out a diverse legal team for a potential civil case.

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