Geneva County sheriff runoff

Published 07/14 2014 05:13PM

Updated 07/15 2014 09:37AM

The primary runoff for the Geneva County sheriff is a race off between Tony Helms and David Hall.

It’s a race with two candidates who point to their extensive experience in law enforcement.

Helms received 40 percent last month during the first leg of the primary and Hall got 38, neither a majority required.

With voter turnout expected to be at record low levels every vote does count. So, Helms and Hall are trying to lure people to vote for them. Trying to sell their message right up to the last minute.

"Our job is to protect and serve. A lot of law enforcement officers forget that, but that’s our job it’s to protect and serve. And if the citizens will help me, I’d like to get them more involved, back involved. And I want to communicate better with the citizens of the county and I think maybe we could together we can make it a better place,” said Tony Helms.

"I want to get out and help everybody. I want to be the people’s sheriff. And I have tried to stress that throughout this campaign - I want to serve everybody, not just one group, one person, I want to serve everybody throughout this county,” said David Hall.

Though radically different in some ways the message of both men are much the same. Crime and the rising drug problem is public enemy number one.

Each candidate has experience in law enforcement. Helms has worked with the Geneva County Sheriff’s Office and Hall is a state agent.

"For 12 years I was commander of Geneva County task force, so working drugs is very paramount as far as one of the things the sheriff has got to oversee in his department,” said Helms.

"I want to work with local officials and counselors and different folks and come up with some things and ideas. I don't have all the answers as far as drug traffic - nobody else does. But to try to come up with something that we can curve the demand,” said Hall.

The runoff on July 15th may likely not come down to who has the most support but the outcome will almost certainly hinge on what candidate can get their supporters to the polls.

"The people of the county need to make a decision on who they want to be their chief law enforcement officer and it needs to be majority of the people not just a handful,” said Helms.”

"You vote for the candidate that you think is going to best serve Geneva County," said Hall.

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