Fireworks not the only danger this Fourth of July

Published 07/01 2014 06:00PM

Updated 07/01 2014 08:44PM

The Fourth of July holiday brings fireworks, cook outs and pool time. Along with these activities come some safety issues and most people only think about firework safety precautions. But what about other situations that can be just as dangerous, like drowning.

"It’s very important for parents to watch the children be present, get off the cell phone, don't be reading the book don't be cooking - have a designated water watcher, even when lifegaurds are present. You have to, you know your childs swimming ability better than any life guard woul, so parental involvement and supervision is very important. Be in arms length of that child,” said Kelly Carter the City Aquatics Manager.

"We recommend a coast guard certified life jacket, we discourage anything that is inflatable, like the water wings that are very popular. There is now a new coast guard certified life jacket that's actually called a puddle jumper that’s very popular with parents,” said Carter.

After enjoying a full day of swimming most people will be hungry and want to cook on their bar-b-que. It’s important to watch out for children around the grill.

“Just being mindful of the area you're grilling - making sure you keep children away from that because their curiosity just like with a stove at home that they want to see what's going on that they can pull that over them if you're cooking with charcoal or with hot coals they can pull that over on them and cause significant burns,” said Chris Etheredge with the Fire Department.

Etheredge says around the holidays they see an increase in cooking related fires. With the recent heat we’ve had most of the area is dry, so Etheredge encourages people to pay attention to what they’re doing.

"we attribute a lot of that to having friends and family over and enjoying their company and getting distracted and forgetting that you have something cooking and then that turns into a significant event for you and your family and nobody wants that this independent day,” said Etheredge.

Before using a grill you’ll want to make sure it’s not too close to your house, Etheredge says many fires have started that way.

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