Farm outlook: crops recover after harsh season

Published 07/01 2014 05:00PM

Updated 07/01 2014 08:43PM

Farmers in the Wiregrass were off to a rocky start this year, after rain and cold weather put a damper on their crops. But now, they say the damaged crops are finally sprouting signs of life.

"The start of this year was wet and cold, and everything started off slow,” said Ronnie Aplin with Aplin Farms.  “But now, everything is starting to grow like it's supposed to.

Crops were planted much later than expected, and at Aplin Farms, they say there was just too much rain at the wrong time, putting a damper on all the crops, including the tomatoes.

"The rain is one of the best things you have on produce if it comes at the right time.  If you get too much, it will butt your produce.  But if it hits you every two weeks, it will be just right," Aplin said.

And but as he puts it, now is the right time, ripe season for watermelons, cantaloupe, peas, and tomatoes.

He says the tomatoes are planted in March, other fruits in mid-June.

"Right now, the crops, the tomatoes and all are finally coming in.  They're very late, but they're very good.  We've got a lot of tomatoes and a lot of big tomatoes.  So, instead of getting ripe, they're getting bigger and bigger.  Now they're finally turning ripe," said John Aplin.

He says it's also prime season for cucumbers, squash and corn.

"It's looking real right now, I mean, everything's booming, it's looking good," said Ronnie Aplin.

The Aplin farmers say they'll start planting their fall crops in about two weeks.

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