Facebook post leads to an arrest

Published 07/25 2014 05:21PM

Updated 07/30 2014 12:11PM

Social media is popular trend among people. they share their daily lives for the world to see, but it’s also helping out local law enforcement.

With the amount of people on Facebook a simple post can reach hundreds in just a few hours. That’s how the Slocomb Police Department caught a break in one of their cases, using social media as a communication tool.

"Through the surveillance we tried to develop leads and suspects but were unable to do so,” said Slocomb Police Chief Don White. “Once we ran out of our options we posted the video online to Facebook."

On July 16th a woman's storage unit was broken into and $5,000 worth of personal items had been stolen.

Within a few days of posting the surveillance video credible tips came in and within 24 hours of following a lead an arrest was made.

"We went to a home in Holmes County able to find the vehicles and property there that led to another location in Bellwood where the other suspect was,” said Chief White. “After a few moments they were able to locate him hiding in some woods and take the suspect into custody and place him in Geneva County jail."

The man arrested was Daniel Price. Law enforcement may not want the public to know all of their details but in this case social media has been a useful tool.

"We have used it quite extensively at Slocomb Police Department, for us it is a tool that lets us interact with the community in a positive way. It also lets the community interact with us and they feel like it’s on a personal level because they are talking to one of us when they private message us,” said Chief White.

The post has over 350 shares and more than 28,000 people have viewed the post. Chief White said they wouldn’t have been able to solve the case without involvement from the community.

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