Dothan's Recycling Program Expanding

By Carolyn Brewster

Published 02/18 2014 05:49PM

Updated 02/18 2014 08:59PM

Dothan's I-Recycle program is getting more equipment. The application for a $300,000 grant was approved by city commissioners today.

"The bins sometimes are too small. They have so much that they want to give and now we're going to go to carts," said Ken Rice, Assistant Environmental Manager for the City of Dothan.

More than 6,000 Dothan households now recycle. That number is higher than many expected it to be this early on in the program but those who manage it say they're hoping for more.

"We'd like to have it around 8,000 because then we would be at 30 percent of our total households that we service with our solid waste management would actually be exceeding the state percentage growth goal of 25 percent," said Rice.

There's a push for recycling state wide but Dothan's program has a direct impact on the city's almost full landfill.

"Anything that we're able to divert away from the landfill is a good thing. The tons that we pick up each week we divert that from going to the landfill. Our tonnage is going up every week by percentages so ADEM is really happy with the way the City of Dothan has progressed in the last few years," said Rice.

If the program continues to grow, the city will receive more funding and could potentially open a sorting factory.

"We will be able to recruit a materials facility which is a factory that reprocesses all the materials that turns it back in to commodities that are sold back to the buyers. We need one really bad here in Dothan. We're 100 miles from the closest one so if we could have one here in Dothan in the next few years that would be a big plus," said Rice.

He says in the future if a factory is started in Dothan it could bring between 20 and 50 jobs.

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