Dothan schools iPad roll-out

Published 07/24 2014 05:24PM

Updated 07/24 2014 08:13PM

It cost 2.6 million dollars, but Dothan City Schools now has 7,000 iPads for their students. The “iPad Roll-Out” begins in just a few days and things are right on schedule.

"Each day we had anywhere from 5 to10 members of each school come over and help us - take the iPads out of thebox, clean them, put them in the cases, so it was definitely a district initiative,” said James Berry, 1:1 Initiative Technician.

"Ordering the iPads and putting them through the assembly line was the easy part,” said Lee Jacobs the Schools Instructional Specialist. “The hard part was coming up with all the policies and how the things need to logistically go here or there and how do you handle when something like this happens."

In case something does happen teachers have spent the last few months preparing. They have attended mandatory staff development to learn more about their new learning tool.

"This summer we have had tons of professional development with teachers. Teaching them how to use workflow apps and basically these are apps you can use in any content area and we've trained 231 teachers and that was a total of 22 days of professional development sessions that’s the biggest professional development initiative kind of thing we've ever done here,” said Jacobs.

The iPad hand out will begin on Monday the 28th  with Dothan High School 9th and 10th graders and the week after that Northview students will get their iPads.

The school system is working from high schools to middle schools to each elementary school.

"I am truly excited to see the excitement of the students and I hope to be able to walk through the schools and look in the classrooms and really see students engaged and really excited about learning,” said Berry.

Jacobs said she has her fingers crossed everything goes according to plan and if so by the middle of September every student should have an iPad.

Each student will be charged a 30 dollar user fee when they pick up the iPad. Before they can take it home they'll also have to attend a few short workshops covering the basics.

For more information on the iPad 1:1 Initiative you can visit the Dothan City Schools website.

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