Dothan outages continue

Published 01/29 2014 06:16PM

Updated 01/29 2014 06:47PM

Utility crews work to restore power in the Wiregrass in the wake of the winter storm.
Utility crews work to restore power in the Wiregrass in the wake of the winter storm.

Power crews braved the cold, wind and ice, working overtime from late last night and throughout today, restoring power to those without it. 


All service areas were affected, but some more so than others.


"Really the most heavily affected were Houston County and Geneva County.  They saw the most damages from the outages,” said Brad Kimbro, Director of Member Services at Wiregrass Electric.


And although some damage was done, Kimbro says it could have been much worse than the power outages.


"Thankfully, there's no real widespread damage, you know, like you might see in a hurricane or something like that, where there are broken poles and broken wire,” said Kimbro.


The number of outages has drastically reduced, but it's not over yet, as freezing temperatures are still causing the ice to stick around.


"We anticipate, because it's not going to get above freezing today, that we may have some power outages throughout the day, as the weight of that ice on the limbs and trees continues to make those snap and fall onto our power lines,” Kimbro said.


And just as a reminder and warning, downed power lines are nothing to play with.


"If they were to come in contact or see a downed power line or something like that, please don't touch it.  Assume that it's live.  Call us.  Let us know.  And again, be safe out there,” said Kimbro.


You can check the status of any outages in your area by visiting the Wiregrass Electric website.

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