Dothan City Schools strategic planning meeting

Published 05/14 2014 06:30PM

Updated 05/14 2014 07:49PM

Dothan city schools are holding public forums to get input on the future of the school system.

Members of the community have been invited to attend the Strategic Plan meetings and give input on what they would like to see for the future of schools in the circle city.

Hayden camp
Dothan education foundation
"I think the meetings are going really well. We've had a great community support - a lot of business leaders, a lot of community, a lot of parents have come and shown their support and voice their opinion,” said Hayden Camp with Dothan Education Foundation. “They are actually standing up raising their hand and talking. They're telling superintendent wilder how they feel and what they want to see in the school system."

Superintendent Tim Wilder is leading the discussion at each forum. Among those in the audience today was the new Co-President of The Student Government Association at Northview High School.

"We like to see how everything is going on and being planned. We like to put our input. I’ll often raise my hand saying what about this,” said Juhi Shah. “So they probably get annoyed of us but we try to do the best for what our kids want."

After each of the four meetings are held another draft will be prepared and presented to the Dothan Board of Education.

"From these four meetings we'll take the communities input along with what we've already outlined in our plan. We'll come up with a final plan that will then be presented to the Dothan city school board and then it will be voted on there as the official plan for the Dothan city schools,” said Blake Daughtry, who is a member on the Steering Committee.

There are a total of six topics being discussed. Some items include testing scores, attendance and teacher evaluations.

Wilder says the focus is on the children and what's best for their future.

The last meeting will be held May 15th at 5:30 at The Andrew Belle Community Center.

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