Death race challenge accepted

Published 06/13 2014 05:38PM

Updated 06/13 2014 08:44PM

"Everybody dies, but not every many truly lives. So I think it’s about pushing those limits and finding where your breaking point is," said Bradley Wells.

That’s exactly what Wells will be doing in just a few weeks, pushing himself to complete “The Death Race” in Pittsfield Vermont.

The race is an all out endurance competition ranging in activities from building a bridge to chopping wood for six hours. But there's a catch, you never know which obstacle comes next and as far as getting any sleep, well there’s no chance of that.

“Just keep moving, just that one step at a time. Don’t think of it as a race this is not a foot race, it’s the person that lasts the longest and that's just going to keep moving forward, never stop and keep that positive outlook. Don't let anything negative start pulling you down cause that will get in your head and then you're gone,” said Wells.

This is Wells second time to compete in the event. The first time he didn't 'officially finish' but this time he’s looking to change that. Wells has been training for a year and is determined to earn the skull medallion at the end of the race.

"It’s kind of the golden crown to all of us and the racers and it’s that you've accomplished this in your life and what can you not do after you've made something like this,” said Wells. “So it’s almost like everything to death racers.”

Wells family and girlfriend will be traveling with him for support, but even with all the support in the world he’ll have to complete the race by himself.

"This is nothing that anyone cannot do. You know everyone is capable of achieving great things. I think that’s probably my biggest life lesson for everybody - challenge yourself, challenge the people around you if you're not challenging them what are you doing,” said Wells.

Over 300 people will be competing in the race, but only about 30 will be able to withstand the pressure and finish.

The race starts on June 27th and can take up to 72 hours to complete.

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