Daleville and Geneva mayors discuss sidewalk funding

Published 06/24 2014 06:39PM

Updated 06/24 2014 07:31PM

For Daleville, it's the fourth sidewalk project and a tremendous benefit the city could not afford without financial help.

"Putting sidewalks where we currently do not have sidewalks helps the community because it's going to facilitate the opportunity just for folks just to get out and walk, walk up to our Central Business District, walk up to the community center, walk up to Culpepper park, and walk to the dog park," said Daleville Mayor Claudia Wigglesworth.

They already have other projects in the design phase for sidewalks between Warhawk and Daleville Avenue, on Donnell Boulevard, and on part of Highway 85. 

And the current grant, for more than $220,000.00, will be used for sidewalks on Highway 134.

"We do have an engineering firm that is putting together all the plans to make sure that it's done correctly, and that we'll have a quality sidewalk that will last us for many years,” Wigglesworth said.

The City of Geneva will receive about $278,000.00.

"We've been very fortunate.  Thankfully, the governor understands the importance of helping out small communities, and the Highway Department has helped us with that," said Geneva Mayor Philip Carter.

They have two projects already in the design phase, under the Transportation Alternatives (TAP) and transportation enhancements (TE) programs.

But these new grant funds will cover sidewalks on Commerce street, from the library to the courthouse. 

"We've had some people falling, so you know, it is a safety issue, and all these projects are handicapped accessible," Carter said.

The state department of transportation funds 80 percent of the projects, and the cities pay the remaining 20 %. 

Both cities hope to complete the current projects this year and begin the projects tied to this grant next year.

A total of $1,079,685.60 in grant funds will be awarded, and the cities of Hartford, Midland City and Slocomb will also receive a portion of these funds. 

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