Cottage Foods law allows home baked goods to be sold from home

Published 06/18 2014 06:31PM

Updated 06/18 2014 08:49PM

A new law may open more doors for food venders. The Cottage Food Law took effect this month and the Health Department says the new law is going to help home business owners sell their goods to more than just local farmers markets.

"It might open up that they can do it more times a year than instead of just during the times the farmers markets are open. They're usually maybe six or eight weeks and then they close so if you have other people asking for different types of things or asking for those things during the holiday’s maybe different kinds of things. You know you certainly can do that,” said Corey Kirkland, Assistant Administrator at the Health Department.

The requirements to set up shop are fairly simple.

"They do have to go through a little registration process basically where they get food safety course certified and they come down to the health department and they fill out and we just keep them on file," said Kirkland.

Before food vendors had to sell their items at farmers markets, which required many licenses costing hundreds of dollars. The new law requires a food safety course and can cost a person less than $100.

"It’s good on our stand point that we know that you have a food safety course and that you understand how to handle food prepare food and package food," said Kirkland.

The law also requires all food to be labeled properly. Kirkland says he suspects the law came about because more people are wanting a home based food business.

"This has become a more appealing type of adventure for a lot of people – starting businesses out of their homes. So we want to make sure we done impede them from doing that. We also want to make sure they have a safe product,” said Kirkland.

After the course is completed and the application is filed out you're done – there is no kitchen inspection required.

For more information about the law you can visit or you can call The Health Department at 334-678-2815.

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