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Published 09/02 2014 03:40PM

Updated 09/02 2014 08:58PM

The City Recycling Program is looking to expand with the addition of at least 6,000 new, bigger recycling carts.

The program's grant was approved today by the city commission for $150,000.00 to switch from the current 18 gallon bins to full size carts, the same size as garbage cans.

They will be blue in color and expected to be distributed within 60 days.

"Every city that we've talked to who has gone from the bins to the larger carts has shown an exponential growth in the amount of recycling from curbside household residences," said Ken Rice, from the Public Works Department.

The carts will be distributed first to those already enrolled in the recycling program, and then to those wanting to enroll.

Also approved was an upgrade to the dewatering system. This comes shortly after a city waste water treatment plant was upgraded.

"If we can't appropriately dewater our sledge, then we'll be in violation of our permits," said City Manager Mike West.

Several months will be needed to plan for the project. A company named Polyengineering will be hired to design and inspect the system.

The commission also gave approval to the Dothan Leisure Services to apply for a grant allowing them to construct nine miles of trails and trailheads on the Forever Wild property.

Through the application they will ask for $100,000 in assistance.

"The whole project was to have something available to this area where the trees are not cut down, where we're not doing agriculture, where we're not doing business, and we've got a place where people can relax with nature," said Kim Meeker, of Dothan Leisure Services.

If all is approved, construction could begin within a year.

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