Ashford mourns loss of high school senior.

Published 06/12 2014 04:44PM

Updated 06/12 2014 08:03PM

After an eight month battle an Ashford teenager died Thursday from leukemia at the age of 17. He passed away at Children's Hospital in Birmingham. Cody Hayes death came only days after he became a high school senior.

There is no cure for the disease but, often, people can survive for years after diagnosis.  However, Cody had what doctors describe as an aggressive case of leukemia and lived only about seven months after finding out he suffered the fatal illness.

Despite his passing Cody will be remembered fondly by those who knew him well. "I was able to talk to him when he would come to school when he was home for a few days here and there," said Ashford high school assistant principal, Jarod Andrews. "He would come up to the school and eat lunch with the kids and walk the halls and see the teachers," said Ashford high school assistant principal, Jarod Andrews.

Classmates also say they will cherish many memories especially those involving what they call Cody's outgoing personality. "I just moved to Ashford and he was one of the people that came up to me and helped me out when I moved and he was a good kid," said Jordan Baxter.

"He was outstanding actually he was a great person, he had a great personality, all around good friends everywhere he went," said Dylan Glover.

Ashford High School had many fundraisers throughout the year for Cody: a 5K run, an orange out game, a balloon release and they even sold T-shirts saying “#TeamCody”. The school raised over $10,000.

"Our kids are based from several different communities around here and our parents of the kids are all getting out there doing what they can to help raise money, this community, this school supports their people," said Andrews.

Andrews added, "Never give up. He battled he gave it everything he had and the good Lord had better plans for Cody. He felt like his time was done here on this earth and it’s encouraging that we'll get to see him on the other side of the fence one day, but we'll get to see him."

Funeral services will be announced by Ward Wilson Funeral Home.

If you would like to make a donation to the family you can contact Laurie Mcwaters at

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