Buyers market for Dothan real estate

Published 07/30 2014 06:03PM

Updated 07/30 2014 09:03PM

Real estate in Dothan is a continuous climb back to a balanced market. Statistics show the inventory of houses is down six percent from last year, which real estate agents said is a great thing. Although, the market has come a long way Charles Buntin said it’s not where it needs to be quite yet.

"We're a little bit slower to get out of the recession - so we're selling homes, we have a lot in the pipe line - our market as a whole. It's just our property values have not come up where they need to be and our inventory is a little high,” said Tom West realtor Charles Buntin.

With inventory up and property value down that's good news for those looking to buy a home.

"It’s a wonderful time for buyers to be out there. There's no question about it - especially first time home buyers a lot of programs out there that enable first time home buyers to buy a house - values are very low, interest rates are unbelievable low, they're hovering around 4% and that’s just cheap money,” said Buntin.

First time home owner Kelsey Barnard and her fiancé said they had a smooth buying process.

"We both knew we wanted to be in this area its across the street from me - and it’s just the center of town - so we both wanted to live in an old house, buy an old house and live in the garden district or the historic district,” said Kelsey Barnard. “So, we were pretty firm on the fact that we weren't going to buy a house unless we found one in these two neighborhoods."

Kelsey said she knows the home buying process isn't easy for everyone, but her advice is to just hang in there.

"It really truthfully wasn't as stressful as you would think, but we also had a very smooth process. The hardest part is you have to be ok with the waiting - because there is a wait."

Buntin said Dothan is the perfect place to buy a house, because there's something for everyone with new neighborhoods and old historic ones.

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