Build Enterprise Skate Park Petition

Published 02/13 2014 08:24PM

Updated 02/13 2014 09:03PM

Supporters say it’s a way to keep teenagers off the street, a place for them to get exercise and practice their skating skills, and a place for skating tournaments.


”It’s important for the teenagers and the youth in the area, to provide them with an opportunity and a place to go.” said Build Enterprise Skate Park Organizer Lyn Diefenderfer.


The project is called “Build Enterprise Skate Park,” and it has drawn a lot of support through Facebook. Many have signed a petition hoping the mayor and city council will see the public interest and approve the park.


”There’s just not any place around here for these youth to go.  That’s why you see them on the sidewalks with all the signs that say no skateboarding.” Diefenderfer said.


There's a lot to consider with ventures like this, like the cost, which supporters say could add up to $300,000.00. Council members also expressed their concerns about the skate park's safety and construction.  But most would like to see the project completed.


”Like everyone else, hopefully the opportunity will arise and we can build a skate park for our youths and adults in our community and surrounding areas,” City of Enterprise Recreation Director Billy Powell said.


But city officials say it's mainly up to the organizers to raise as much funds as possible before it will continue reviewing the petition.


”You know if we can get those grant dollars and the person that’s wanting us to improve the parks and recreation with the skate park, and they can raise that revenue, then we’re happy to accommodate,” said Mayor Kenneth Boswell.


The city is allowing time for skate park fundraising efforts, but skate park organizers must also meet certain grant application deadlines, which expire as soon as May 31st.   Also, the mayor will set an agenda to discuss the next step sometime in the next few months.


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