Broken X-rays could cause long lines at Houston County Courthouse

By Carolyn Brewster

Published 02/26 2014 06:26PM

Updated 02/26 2014 09:16PM

There are two X-ray machines at the Houston County Courthouse. The problem is, neither one works and that's a big problem that could become even bigger.

"We'll put somewhere around 1,000 or 1,500 people through the front door of the courthouse and all those people have to be screened," said Houston County Sheriff Andy Hughes.

Screening them won't be easy without the use of modern technology. The X-ray machines that help with the process aren't working.

"We have some plans in place we're going to have some additional personnel available on Monday and Tuesday of next week and then we're going to facilitate the security screen and try to make it convenient for everyone and at the same time make sure our courthouse is safe and secure also," said Hughes.

This problem is nothing new. In fact one machine went down a while back but then the other one broke.

"Well, our county machine went down and we're in the process of getting bids. While we're getting bids to replace that machine the state owned machine also goes down and all of this comes with a huge jury trial," said Hughes.

X-ray machines cost a lot of money--about $20,000, costs that may be shared between the county and the state.

"We'll come up with the funding in some manner to replace the equipment and get it back operating... We want everyone to be safe. That's the bottom line," said Mark Culver, Houston County Commission Chairman.

People will be checked one by one at the courthouse but with the thousand or more showing up next Monday it will be no easy task.

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