Big weekend for retail sales

Published 08/01 2014 05:00PM

Updated 08/01 2014 08:26PM

The crowds are coming out and the lines are getting longer. Tax free weekend is here and people are out shopping to save a few pennies. School supplies, clothes and electronics are all tax free this weekend.

"This is probably a top five holiday for us. You know everybody kind of waits to get most of their school supplies during this three day weekend because of the savings they can have,” said K-Mart Store Manager James Piedra.

So, how much can the average person save this weekend – about a quarter of the cost.

"On average if you get the majority of your back to school items and you include some apparel and electronics items you can save up to 25 percent just by saving the tax on that,” said Piedra.

Individually these items may seem cheap, a pack of pencils for 99 cents, but when you add everything up it can become extremely costly. So, families who are shopping for more than one person really enjoy the savings.

"We bought a lot of clothes for school. I'm a school teacher and she’s going into the 7th grade, my daughter Abby. Without the sales tax it makes it a lot easier and simpler and less pain on the wallet,” said Amy Folmar.

Tax free items depend on the state you live in and some people are even willing to travel just to find the best savings.

"It’s my senior year; we came all the way from Florida up to Dothan to the mall. We got a lot of clothes and most stores we only spent 40 dollars there because we didn't have to spend any tax,” said Leana Andrews.

The tax free weekend will end on Sunday August 3rd at midnight. For more information about the sales tax you can visit Alabama revenue.

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