Another opponent for high school football

Published 08/21 2014 04:59PM

Updated 08/21 2014 10:02PM

This season football players won't just be facing their opponents, but also high temperatures. With the heat on the rise these next few days, everyone is making sure that players are taken good care of.

"What we do to beat the heat, we'll do things in the morning, so, normally the hottest part of the day is about one, two o'clock, most time three," Northview head coach LaBrian Stewart said. " You know if it's something grueling that we have to do we'll do it in the morning."

Hydration is key during this type of weather but Coach Stewart does not recommend just any type of drink. He tells his players for every one bottle of Gatorade that they drink, they should drink four bottles of water.

If temperatures do get too hot, Coach Stewart will find other things for his team to do, such as watch film or lift weights.

But what exactly are some of the consequences of being in extreme heat?

"Heat exhaustion, heat cramps and very rarely heat strokes," said Marshall Smith, sports medicine director at Southern Bone and Joint Specialists. "The temperature will be hotter on Friday night than what these kids have been used to, so they need to hydrate well."

Coach Stewart is not one to push his players in the heat and doesn't plan on doing so this time around.

"A lot of coaches are always pushing training in the heat so you can play in the cold. You know to some extent yes that is true. But I think I'm just, you know, working a little smarter, sometimes maybe a little bit different than 'oh we're just going to push them hard'," Stewart said.

As a result of the high temperatures Elba's Jamboree tomorrow night has been pushed back to 7:30.

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