The Price of a Deer collision

The fall season brings many new things: cooler weather, longer nights and more deer on the roadway. Deer roam across roadways this time of year to mate with other deer but more deer on the road brings more collision with cars in the fall which is more than any other time of the year. 

"A year we probably see probably I would say 20 to 30 a year per season," Tim Floyd of Tim Floyd Collision in Dothan on the number of deer he sees a year. 

Floyd says this year alone he's seen seven collision because of deer already and the price of this collision can be very steep. 

"Just a bumper repair of five or 600 bucks can be up to ten to $12,000. They can be very pricey," Floyd said. 

Along with pricey repairs, insurance claims could go up after the collision as well. 

"If you have a claim free credit on your auto policy then that could take that claim free credit off immediately or at renewal," Steve Thompson insurance agent of Slingluff United Insurance on how collision can effect your vehicle insurance. 

Thompson says deductible does help with repairs which is just one thing that can help relieve stress after a collision with a deer. 

"Work with your agent closely and check to see if you have rental car reimbursement," Thompson said. 

Also have a clear understanding of how long it will take for your car to be repaired through a body or collision shop. 

"We work hand in hand with the insurance company to get these cars repaired in a timely manner and back to pre-accident status before they wreck," Floyd said. 

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