The Danger of the Forrester Intersection

Work crews could be seen cleaning and repairing traffic light on Wednesday after a wreck happened on the Forrester Intersection on Highway 84 East on Tuesday afternoon.

In 2017, 61 wrecks happened in the city of Cowarts. 47 of those wrecks on Highway 84 East and 24 of those happened on the Forrester Intersection that was put in back in 2013. 

"Its a very dangerous intersection and its going to continue to be dangerous," said Mayor of Cowarts Randy Roland. "As the east side of Dothan grows we have traffic coming out of Georgia, Florida, all of Ashford area, all of the East Houston County it's dangerous." 

Many of the accidents that happen are said to be caused to drivers speeding through the intersection and not paying attention. 60 accidents have happened at the intersection since the traffic stop was put there in 2013 which is why Mayor Roland expects changes to be mind. 

"Its going back to a stop intersection, the lights will be taken down and other traffic control will be formed at the time," Roland said. 

Mayor Roland has also asked for the speed limit to be reduced to 55 instead of 65 on the intersection.  

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