"Take what you need, leave what you can"

Ashford, Alabama is not known for their large homeless population, but with many living in poverty, the Women's Missionary Union at Wayside Baptist decided to build their very own box of blessings.

From the road it may seem a simple white box, but a closer look shows it has much to offer.

"We want it to be used, we want it to be a resource for the community," said WMU member, Vickie Plant.

Inside this "Blessings Box" are some high demand items for those without a home, or a meal for someone passing through during a difficult time. 

"We have some hygiene items like bath cloths, tissues, tooth brushes, and different toiletry items," said Plant. "Also some nonperishable food items, rice and beans,  and then some canned food items, cereal, peanut butter, things that people could use."

But Plant said the meaning behind these snacks provides the real nourishment.

"Showing them the love of Christ so that they can see the church isn't always a building," said Plant.

Looking out on Hwy. 55 in Ashford, it is available for anyone to pick up or drop off with the message on the front, "Take what you, need leave what you can."

There will be a dedication ceremony for the blessings box on Sunday, April 2, at Wayside Baptist Church.


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