Speed problems on Coffee County Road 702

The advertised speed limit on Coffee County Road 702 is 45 mph but some drivers drive at speeds up to sometimes 80 mph on that roadway.

"Its not just cars there are 18 wheelers that are serving the px vendor trucks that serve the vx the commissary that go between low field and shell field there are ups trucks, there are moving vans that are in and out of Fort Rucker so its not just vehicles there are bigger vehicles as well," said Enterprise resident Brenda Stinson.

Stinson has asked for law enforcement to regulate the speed limit on the road. The sheriff office and department of highway control have told her that they don't have the man power to come and control the speed limit and  Enterprise police says have told her that she lives right outside of their jurisdiction to help. 

"If they would just patrol within their own jurisdiction then it would stop half of the traffic on that end of the road," said Stinson.

This led her to taking matters into her own hand. She personally purchased signs to aware that a special needs child lives in the area in order to tell drivers to slow down. She is asking who the three law enforcement agencies she has contacted to come together for the speed limit to be enforced to protect not just her grandson but other children in the area as well. 

"They knew there was going to be law enforcement, they would eventually know the law was going to be enforced right now they know nobody out here on a regular basis and they just do as they please," said Stinson. 

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