SAMC unveils new NICU Kangaroo Chairs

Southeast Alabama Medical Center held a press conference Wednesday to unveil its new kangaroo chairs for the NICU.

The chairs provide comfort and developmental support to newborns while helping decrease the risk of postpartum depression in moms.

Designed to mimic kangaroo care, the chair allows parent and baby to snuggle while providing skin-to-skin contact to begin the bonding process.

"It's a beautiful way that we can continue to see their love and support and the memory of our son that will give comfort to families as they deal with such a special time in their life in bringing a loved one into this world and taking good care of them," said Elsa Hoffman, mother of son Charlie, who the chairs are inspired by.

Three of the chairs, also known as Charlie's Chairs, were donated by friends and family in memory of Greg and Elsa hoffman's infant son Charlie.

A gift for a fourth Kangaroo Chair was generously provided by an anonymous donor in memory of another baby.

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