Revealing God's Love: outreach ministry for employees of local strip clubs

ENTERPRISE, AL - A church in Enterprise is reaching out to local strip clubs with open arms.

The women's ministry at Grace Place came up with the idea to share the word of God with the dancers at the establishments.

The outreach program is called "Revealing God's Love."

"We called it Revealing God's Love, because we wanted to come up with a catchy name, and it's kind of like 'revealing', you know, God's love," says Joyce Thrasher, Pastor's wife and leader of the women's ministry.

Every month, the women from GP come together and bring goodie bags to the women at Teasers and other strip clubs. "We bring them gifts. We bring them make-up. We've brought them earrings, a Bible, devotionals," says Thrasher.

The message behind the ministry is that God finds you where you're at, and GP wanted to share that in a non judgmental way to show the workers kindness, compassion, and most of all, love.

"Jesus would go and help people that other people didn't like or approve of, and we wanted to show them God's love," Thrasher says.

At first, there were some struggles, but now they are met with open arms and smiles.

"They are so appreciative. These girls just run to us and throw their arms around us," says Teresa Young, a leader of the Revealing God's Love mission. "We go in there, and we love on them. We show them our church is not going to judge them."

They even go as far as volunteering to pick up the women for church on Sunday, calling or texting them daily, and helping them in any way they can.

Thrasher adds that she received letters from some of the women telling her thank you. "One told me this was the first gift she received that she wasn't expected to give something back in return," she says.

"We just want to love them," says Young.

GP Church offers a variety of outreach programs, but Thrasher says Revealing God's Love is such a blessing to the church and continues to flourish.

Revealing God's Love started in January 2014, and the women's group shows no signs of stopping.

Thrasher published a book earlier this year called Crazy Pastor's Wife, and all of the money from sales is used towards this ministry.

You can pick up your copy of her book here, and help fund this program.

You can also donate items and your time to the ministry by calling 334-347-5214 or visiting



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