Rep. Barry Moore announced he will challenge Roby for a congessional seat

It's been rumored for weeks and today State Representative Barry Moore of Enterprise made it official.

He's running for a higher office.

During that meeting he announced he will challenge Congresswoman Martha Roby.

It was decision that nearly cost Martha Roby her congressional seat.

"When Representative Roby came out against Trump I had so many people come to me," said Rep. Barry Moore.

A strong supporter of our commander and chief Moore believes he's the person to unseat Roby and make a difference in Washington.

"The thing I liked about Donald Trump was that he was real," said Rep. Barry Moore. "He wasn't polished and he wasn't perfect but he was the person for the moment to stand against Hillary Clinton he was the man we needed."

"He just needs a few more people who are true  conservatives," said Rep. Barry Moore. "I think I've proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am that person."

One of the issues Moore wants to see changed Common Core

"It's like some many things that the government does there's a simple answer sometimes and we complicate the process," said Rep. Barry Moore.

As a fellow small business owner he already has a plan to keep the heart beat of any community thriving.

"So let's get off the backs of small  businesses deregulate reduce the tax burdens and let them put people to work," said Rep. Barry Moore.

Representative Moore agrees with some President Trumps actions taken within the first 100 days of his term.

"Major thing right now is Judge Gorsuch," said Rep. Barry Moore. "We have a true conservative that has been appointed to the supreme court and well liked by most people."

Although Moore could be working in Washington DC he's making sure to keep his promises local.

"I'm not gone live in DC I'm gone live in my district I'm going to meet the people serve the people," said Rep. Barry Moore. "I will take our ideas back to DC I'm not gone disappear in DC."

Representative Roby will be re-election and sent this statement:

“Representative Roby is focused on working with our unified Republican government to deliver results. She has consistently supported President Trump's policy initiatives and has said time and again that she wants our president to be successful.”

“Just days ago she joined the President and fellow conservatives in the White House Rose Garden to celebrate taking the first step in keeping their promise to repeal and replace Obamacare. Representative Roby has and will continue to work with the Trump Administration to fight for conservative principles in Washington.”


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