Religious affiliated Daycares could soon require a license

House Bill 277 has been brought before Legislators.

The bill will remove the license exemption for religion affiliated Daycare.

This has caused some push back from groups across the state.

"We've allowed a loop hole," said Representative Pebblin Warren, District 82.  "To make it simple there's abuse."

"I understand her concern that Daycare are not licensed by the state they are not being monitored; however, I can assure her we are going above and beyond," said Starla Barrineau, Daycare Director.

Many these centers are inspected by the fire department and the health department but the reservation is about the mental development of the child.

"How would that effect the teaching?" asked Starla Barrineau.  "Would that then open up the state and say well they don't like the way you're teaching this so you can't teach about Jesus anymore that's a big concern."

"The bill explicitly say that this has nothing to do with your teaching or religious training at your institution," said Representative Pebblin Warren.

The main focus for the bill is the ratio of staff to children

"5 babies between the ages of 0 and 18 month is really more than one person can handle," said Representative Pebblin Warren.

Both parties are urging for the support from the same audience.

'The biggest person to hold someone accountable for their child is the parents," said Starla Barrineau.

"Realistically any parent who hear that and realized what they were saying would know that is not going to work," said Representative Pebblin Warren.

And at the end of the day

"It's not about the church it's not about religion it's about insuring that our child's are in a  healthy and safe environment," said Representative Pebblin Warren.

Since 2000 the number of licensed Daycare has decline to 40 percent now evening the number of licensed versus not licensed centers.


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