Rehobeth Middle School student alive thanks to fast-acting teachers

A Rehobeth middle schooler's mom got the scare of a lifetime when she got a phone call that her son was purple in the face and could not breathe.
But she is resting easy thanks to two fast-thinking teachers and the student says he cannot thank them enough for saving his life.
"I was walking into the lunchroom, and I noticed Thomas' face was red, and he was rocking back and forth and I asked him if he was okay," said one of the teachers, Hannah Lewis.
But Thomas Maddox, choking on his lunch, was unable to answer.
"It got either stuck on my braces and in my throat, or went down my windpipe," said Maddox.
Maddox said he tried to warn those nearby, but he was not making any noise and no one realized he was choking.
But Lewis, who was walking by, had a quick response, and began performing the Heimlich Maneuver.
"I could see his face, that it was still red and it was turning purple," said Lewis. "And so I did it for as long as I could, then I screamed 'Someone help."
Then another sixth grade teacher who was throwing a drink away heard the scream and ran over, aware that Lewis was performing the life-saving maneuver, while pregnant.
"When I turned and looked I could see he was purple in the face and I just took off running," said Shaylee Warr.
Warr quickly took over and together, they saved Thomas' life.
And while they see it as just doing their job, the world views them as much more.
"The kids made us feel like we were heroes because they were cheering for us," said Warr.
But no one is more cheerful than Thomas himself.
"I just keep thanking them," said Thomas.
Thomas said he is going to be babysitting this summer and will learn the Heimlich Maneuver because he knows how valuable it can be.

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