Football travel costs vary by school

Published 08/28 2014 05:18PM

Updated 08/28 2014 08:52PM

Reclassification changes have left some local high schools with higher travel expenses, while others are experiencing much lower costs.

Geneva High School is facing up to $10,000 travel costs this football season due to the changes. They're now traveling to games over three hours away.

"We do not have the funds to travel three and a half hours and go play a football game," said head coach Donnie Chesteen.

Not only do players and coaches have to pack up, but also cheerleaders, the band and equipment. But there aren't enough school buses to get them there and transport students back at the school.

Coach Chesteen said they're looking at paying around $3,000 in just transportation.

"It is what it is for two years and we're going to live with it. But are we happy about it? No. Could it have been avoided? Yes," he said.

The Geneva High Band is having to make the high mileage travel possible as well.

"My initial reaction was that we're going to go broke," said band director Phillip Adcock.

But fundraisers have helped them a lot.

On the other side, Northview High School is playing closer to home. They are able to take their own school buses to games, and keep their kids in the classrooms longer.

"Well now we can leave at 2:30, 3:00," said athletic director LaBrian Stewart.

Stewart is also glad that they are able to save the money that would have been used for longer travel costs. But that is not the case for Geneva High.

"The school that is losing out of this is Geneva High School, football," Chesteen said.

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