Fake money could find its way to Houston County

Published 03/21 2014 05:12PM

Updated 04/02 2014 09:13AM

Counterfeit money found in the Florida panhandle has people in southeast Alabama on high alert.

Kevin Kirk and Kelvin Redmon were arrested this week in Chipley after what began as a routine traffic stop.

"We caught a break, got them spotted Wednesday around 3 o’clock and we were able to get a stop on them,” said Kevin Crews, Chief of Police. “And of course one thing led to another and we were able to arrest three people. Two of those arrests have been charged with passing counterfeit bills."

Crews said he believes at least four other people are involved and more counterfeit money is floating around.

Perhaps some of the funny money has migrated into Alabama.

Captain Antonio Gonzales with The Houston County Sheriff’s Department said other agencies get involved with it comes to dealing with counterfeit money.

"The FBI, The Secret Service all these people dealing with the counterfeiting issues. We get there assistance we get their help and we make those cases and we send them to the appropriate agencies."

Gonzales said with today’s technology counterfeit money is pretty easy to make.

Currently the department has recovered 700 dollars worth of counterfeit money in Chipley, but is still looking for more.

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