Downtown Dothan latest target of vandals

Published 08/26 2014 04:05PM

Updated 08/26 2014 11:27PM

There was a recent vandalism attack to a few downtown Dothan businesses on Monday morning.

"I was really just kind of sad more than angry at first because there was just no point to it," said Kerry Farrell, whose business,The Main Event, was hit by vandals.

Farrell found the damage when she got to work. The glass on her front door appeared to have been shot out, but nothing from inside had been stolen.

Major Steve Parrish from the Dothan Police Department said, "Sometimes you just have...people that do ridiculous things and that's what you have in that case, you have people who have too much time on their hands."

But the damage wasn't limited to Farrell's business. A few doors down The Saint Andrew Market was also hit. Shards of glass from the windows lined  a part of the parking lot and the holes had not been fixed yet.

This is the latest in a summer filled with acts by vandals. Recently three people were arrested and charged with defacing other property in Rehobeth and Taylor.

Two of the three arrested were minors, for the thousands of dollars worth of damage they did to schools, churches and a daycare.

"Typically the vandalism that we see usually occurs with juveniles and they're more prevalent when school's out," said Major Parrish.

But school's back in now and the vandalism is still going strong. Parrish also said that officers are working to find those responsible for the latest round.

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