Dining options expanding in Dothan

Published 06/04 2014 05:50PM

Updated 06/06 2014 10:09PM

Dothan is said to have more restaurants per capita than any non-tourist city in the country and there is about to be more.

"We're just kind of on the path to the beach and people have to come through Dothan to go further south and people got to eat,” said Todd Mcdonald, Dothan’s Director of Planning and Development.

There's plenty to eat in Dothan, from fast food to fine dining - Dothan has it all.

"I think you’ve got some hidden gems in Dothan. I think Dothan’s growing and I think they are becoming a bit more open minded,” said Dustin Parkman, owner of Oak 151. “It’s just ready for new, new brands, new concepts"

Some of those new brands should be open soon. They include oak 151 along Foster street, Full Moon BBQ  on Montgomery highway, a new Mcdonalds will be situated near the Pavilion, and a new Zaxby’s has also been planned.

"I think restaurants look for the market to exist and in this case we've got a lot of transit population, people going to the beach, they serve that market," said Mcdonald.

Indeed, Dothan's population more than doubles on any given day. Tens of thousands come here to work, shop or just stop for a quick bite to eat. But not all of the restaurant growth is along busy highways. In fac, some are willing to take a chance off the beaten path.

"When they passed the entertainment district, that was one of the driving forces of what we wanted to do. We felt like, ok now it’s turning that direction lets go ahead and get in and create a foot print," said Parkman.

Mcdonald says a new steak house might be coming to the east side of town.

Oak 151 will open this coming Monday June 9th for lunch.

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