Alabama House passes payday loan bill

Published 03/24 2014 08:06PM

Updated 04/02 2014 09:16AM

A change could be on the way for people who take out payday loans.

The Alabama House of Representatives passed bill that would allow the state banking department to create a database to make sure people can't borrow more than five hundred dollars at one time.

The current law says you can't have more than $500.00 out in payday loans, but that law has not been enforced, and lawmakers are hoping to change that by setting up a database to track the loans,

They want to keep people from borrowing more than they can afford to repay.

And it's a bill that's getting mixed reviews.
"I think it's a good law because I know a lot of people who have gone to these places and borrowed money and can't pay it back," said Dothan resident Freddie Calloway.

"The government is already taking what it can take of us now.  If they keep on taking, we won't have anything," Carolyn Miller, another Dothan resident, said.

"It might be a good idea, because some people take out all those loans and aren't able to pay them back and end up wanted," said Dothan resident Teah Doyle.

It would mean more competition for payday loan companies, but some of them are ok with the bill. 

"We're welcoming that because our customers cannot afford to have two or three different pay day loans out in the industry,” said Wanda Dobbs, manager of Local Cash Advance in Dothan.

Bank loans are not an option for everyone.  So she says they want to help those who have nowhere else to turn. 

"I believe it will be a challenge for those to start with, for those that have been able to get loans with some of our competitive stores.  However, with the length of time, that customer will be able to pay off that loan, instead of getting into debt and filing bankruptcy," Dobbs said.

But some say the bill is not addressing the root of the problem. 

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