Pediatricians Warn Parents About Dry Drowning

According to Southeastern Pediatrics, approximately one to two percent of all drowning are called dry drowning.

While dry drowning may not be high percentage wise, but it can still happen and people need to know what warning signs to look for.

When children inhale water, it causes it to aspirate in small amounts, leading to suffocation.

Over time the small amounts add up and over the next 24 hour period, it can cause dry drowning.

Dry drowning is a medical condition that contributes to the drowning and is caused by excess fluid in the lungs. From there, it collects in various air sacs making it difficult to breathe.

“Essentially it is water that ends up building up in the lungs causing pulmonary edema.”

 If you notice your child acting different after being in the pool take them to a local doctor. There they can use a device called a pulseox that can measure the oxygen levels and take the necessary measurements.

Look for symptoms like cough, fever, headache, tired, or being lethargic and wanting to sleep for several hours more than they are supposed to. 

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