Pecan Season Off to a Good Start

Imagine the holidays without pecan pie or your other favorite pecan treat. For many, life without pecans means life without a job. This years pecan season started early and though it has not been a huge season, it is better than previous years which is a sigh of relief for many.

"Overall it is not a huge season, but there are pecans this season and there hasn't been the last few years. So we are really grateful.  We have almost sold double the truck loads that we sold last year and it is just November 30 so that gives you an idea," said Sandi Hodge, owner of Shute Pecan Company.

The company will not only buy your pecans, but supply you with a place to purchase Christmas gifts for those hard to buy for people in your life.

"You've got the father in law that you don't know what to buy for or the mother in law or an employer at work that is a real good friend that has any and everything.  You can come in here and we can get them hooked up with candy, pecans, peanuts, you name it," said Ashley Webb, longtime employee at Shute Pecan Company.

If you are looking for some extra Christmas shopping money this year grab some pecans and put them in a five gallon bucket.  One bucket can be sold for about $20 here at the Shute Pecan Company.

Pecans have a long shelf life after falling to the ground from the tree as long as there is not a lot of heat or rain, but the sooner you pick them up the sooner you can sell them.

"Right now our seedlings are bringing $1 a pound.  That's a good price it's not the highest price that's ever been paid for seedlings but certainly  not the lowest," said Hodge.

Sandi said they will be buying pecans as long as they are falling on the ground and you are bringing them in.

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